Signet Submersible Column pipes are produced inside the elite Quality Management System according to ISO 9001:2008. Signet UPVC Column Pipes are utilized for sub exhausting applications. Signet Column Pipe is one of the best Submersible Column Pipe Manufacturer.


Application :

Submersible Column pipes are utilized for submersible boring applications. It’s equipped for taking care of both interior hydrostatic weights just as high pliable burden brought about by the pump weight and column water pressure and weight. Adjustable as indicated by the profundity of water level. Appropriate for up to 300-meter depth.


Benefits :

  • High elasticity and high weight rating.
  • Magnificent draw out strength.
  • Pipe and Coupler having square string for incredible mechanical properties and simple in a get-together and dismantling.
  • One side pipe and coupler having special thread locking for preventing thread slippage during assembly and disassembly with a load of submersible pump and pipes.
  • High tensile strength of line coupler bolting so lock safety is 100%.
  • Low friction losses due to excellent smooth inside surface.
  • Resistant to a chemical reaction, bacterial growth, corrosion, rusting, etc.