Signet PVC flexible Suction and Delivery Hoses are designed incorporating a rigid PVC spiral as an integral part of the soft PVC wall. The anti-shock rigid spiral imparts superior crush resistance to the hose. Specially formulated PVC compounds develop a top grade medium duty Suction and Delivery hose for meeting the challenging service conditions in Suction and Delivery of water for irrigation purpose agriculture with electric mono block and oil engine. Also for Suction & Delivery of saline water, light acids, alkalies, and other chemicals except for solvents for conveying granules or fine particles of raw materials in processing industries in general this flexible hose can work with superior efficiency and offers more service life compared to rubber suction and delivery hoses. Signet Column pipe is one of the leading PVC Suction Hose pipe manufacturers.


Lightweight: Often only % that of Rubber Hose has which makes it easy to carry and install.

Flexibility: The flexibility of the hose is retained for many years, It can be bent as desired. No kinking or bulging even in the most severe working conditions.

Resistance: It shows strong resistance in high pressure and most of the chemicals, light acids, alkalies excepting solvents. Ideal for high-pressure suction & delivery of water.

Weatherproof: Easily Installed even to non-standard couplings.

Smooth Bore: Allows fast flow.