Signet Pipe is No.1 PVC Column Pipes manufacturer. Signet Column Pipe is assembling of PVC Column Pipes with an assurance of quality test.

The PVC Column Pipes manufactured by Signet Column Pipe companies can be utilized for both residential and commercial purposes. They can be utilized in Irrigation, Agricultural, drinking water, etc.

Uses of PVC Column Pipe

  • Irrigation and Agricultural use.
  • Commercial & residential application for drinking water.
  • Conveying abrasive slurries.
  • Supply of Groundwater for Land engineering projects.
  • Drain Out Industrial wastes and sewage.
  • Transports alkali, acids which may be corrosive.
  • Venting system.
  • Used in bore well systems to provide support to the pump and help in the extraction of water.


Why Choose Signet PVC Column Pipe?

The pipe passes on the drainage water in a mine shaft from the bottom pump to the surface.

Signet Pipe is the pioneer of PVC column pipe manufacturing and is one of the major piping solution providers. Signet is uniquely designed and manufactured on the latest technology.

Signet utilizes the best quality material threaded and thread sealed and these PVC column pipes meet the heavy handling and are also the best cost-effective option.

Signet PVC Column pipes are incredibly strong and stiff. As the name recommends no plasticizers are added and that makes Signet Pipes tough, highly durable, and has good tensile strength.

Signet PVC column pipes are best for submersible pumps and have high tensile load capacity which makes them ideal for underground operations. These pipes offer many advantages like leak-proof joints, light in weight with cost-effectiveness.