These pipes have been specially designed and manufactured under stringent quality standards. They are tested to withstand system load comprising of pump , water and pipe weight with adequate factor of safety. Due to unique design of square threads, they can withstand considerable shock and jerk load during operation.

UPVC column pipes for submersible pump offer many advantages like-light weight, high tensile load capacity, leak proof joints and long life with economy and hence emerge as the best option for conventional metal pipes. Signet Column Pipe is a leading Column Pipe Manufacturer in india


Signet Column pipes are made inside the top Quality Management System according to ISO 9001:2008.


Advantages :

  1. High rigidity and high weight rating.
  2. Excellent pull out quality.
  3. Pipe and Coupler having square string for astounding mechanical properties and simple in get together and dismantling.
  4. One side line and coupler having unique string locking for forestalling string slippage during get together and dismantling with heap of sub siphon and lines.
  5. High rigidity of line coupler bolting so lock security is 100%
  6. Low contact misfortunes because of amazing smooth interior surface.
  7. Resistant to substance response, bacterial development, erosion, rusting and so on.

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